Mr Shoichiro Toyoda: (un)known facts of life and quotes

At the age of 97, Mr Shoichiro Toyoda has passed away. Although an era is coming to an end with the passing of Shoichiro Toyoda, a true automotive titan and industry leader, Toyoda’s career achievements have ensured that his achievements are present in many aspects of every automotive person’s life. Here are the greatest life achievements, facts and quotes from Shoichiro Toyoda.

Shoichiro Toyoda: legendary grandson and son of legendary Toyota leaders

Who was and what did Shoichiro Toyoda become famous for?

This blog post pays tribute to the extraordinary figure that was Mr Shoichiro Toyoda. It presents Toyoda’s greatest life achievements, important quotes about motoring and facts about the hybrids he mass marketed.

Grandson of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works founder Sakichi Toyoda, son of Toyota Motors founder Kiichiro Toyoda, who founded Toyota in 1937. After his retirement in 1999, Shoichiro Toyoda served as honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation until his death in 2023.

Shoichiro Toyoda was often referred to as 'Mr. Motor’ for his contributions to the automotive industry as former CEO and Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Shoichiro Toyoda: Toyota chairman’s key achievements

Here are some of the key achievements that Shoichiro Toyoda made during his lifetime:

Expanding Toyota’s global reach. Under his leadership, Toyota expanded its production facilities and sales networks around the world, with a particular focus on the United States, which is now one of Toyota’s most important markets.

The launch and development of the luxury brand Lexus. Lexus, which was established in 1989 (more precisely in 1983 as Toyota Project F1, Flagship One) as a Toyota-owned Japanese car brand, was intended to fill a niche in the market and compete for the premium segment. The introduction of Lexus was an important turning point for Toyota, enabling the company to compete with other premium car brands in the global market.

Promotion of environmentally friendly vehicles: Shoichiro Toyoda was a strong advocate of the development of environmentally friendly vehicles, and Toyota was one of the first automakers to introduce hybrid vehicles. Toyota’s hybrid technology is now widely used throughout the industry. So Toyoda can be considered the father of the hybrid. The Toyota Prius hybrid, which owes its creation to him, became the first popular hybrid passenger car model.

Expanding Toyota’s research and development capabilities: Shoichiro Toyoda oversaw the expansion of Toyota’s research and development capabilities, which enabled the company to develop new technologies and stay ahead of the competition in the global market.

Promoting employee empowerment. Mr Shoichiro Toyoda believed in the importance of empowering employees and promoting a positive corporate culture. He encouraged teamwork, communication and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Mr Shoichiro Toyoda’s leadership and contributions to the automotive industry have had a lasting impact on Toyota and the industry as a whole.

Mr Shoichiro Toyoda: quotes about cars and motoring

Mr Shoichiro Toyoda, former CEO and chairman of Toyota, was known for his innovative leadership and insight into the business and automotive industry. Here are Mr Shoichiro Toyoda’s most interesting quotes:

  • The most important thing in management is to have a long-term view, to think about where the company will be in 10 or 20 years’ time, rather than getting bogged down in the day-to-day.
  • A company is like a car. It won’t go anywhere if the engine is not running.
  • Toyota is not technology. Toyota is the people who work here.
  • In our business, making cars is not the most important thing. Making customers happy is the most important thing.

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