About company

Hybrid Hero is a modern company whose main goal is to properly take care of your hybrid cars. We prioritize professional service for our clients, comprehensive services for their hybrids, all at the best possible price.

We deal with professional service of traction batteries in hybrid cars, but also all other faults in an electric vehicle are not a mystery to us. Furthermore, we have the necessary knowledge, many years of experience and high-class equipment to provide services at the highest level and meet the challenges that are entrusted to us.

We treat every customer individually, our crew will help you choose the best course of action specific to your situation. From telephone consultation, advice, through analysis in the workshop, inspection and possible repair, if there is a need for intervention.

If your car has a problem with the battery, the message "Check Hybrid System" is displayed, or you notice a noticeable drop in battery performance - a sign that you should contact Hybrid Hero. Don't take any chances! Ignoring this message for a long time can lead to permanent damage to the hybrid battery. In order to fully enjoy and use the purchased hybrid car and driving comfort, it is necessary to properly take care of such equipment. In return, we will be able to use the facilities for a long time and take care of the environment to some extent.

Nothing is as important to us as satisfied customers. That is why we train our staff on an ongoing basis so that they can fully meet their requirements, and that they are not unfamiliar with any technical innovations. We focus on professionalism in its entirety. Therefore, if you only see a warning light, it is a sign of two things: the first is that something is wrong with your car, and the second is that you should definitely contact Hybrid Hero!

Our headquarters is mainly the city of Cracow, but we are open to the entire south of Poland. We operate mobile and, as far as possible, we try to reach the client in various locations. We very often have the honor of hosting people from all over Poland in Cracow, which shows us that we professionally perform our work and have trusted customers.