Our offer is extensive and tailored to the needs of our clients. Battery repair and battery regeneration in hybrid cars is our main hobby, but our offer also includes:

  •  Full battery reconditioning
  •  Reconditioned batteries for sale
  •  Replacement of damaged battery components
  •  Voltage balancing
  •  Can be installed in Krakow and all over Poland
  •  On the spot battery exchange
  •  Mailing service
  •  Computer diagnostics and computer errors cancellation

Hybrid Hero - as one of the leading companies on the market, focusing on modern technologies in the automotive industry, wants to actively participate in the development in this direction. That is why many of its sites offer diagnosis and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. We are well aware of how technology changes day by day, and consumer demands are growing. Hybrid and electric cars will no longer be exceptions to the rule, but they have completely absorbed the car market. People more aware of their choice, eager for comfort, convenience and ecological driving, will choose hybrid vehicles themselves.

In order to keep up with this trend, we try to constantly expand our offer with newly emerging problems that arise with given hybrid models, while maintaining full professionalism and optimal prices for our customers. Our team makes sure that each of them leaves our showroom fully satisfied and with an additional dose of knowledge on how to take care of their hybrid car.

When thinking about buying a hybrid or electric car, many drivers analyze not only the costs of purchase and operation, but also the possibility of repairing faults of the purchased car with such modern technologies. Our workshop has adequate facilities to carry out diagnostics and repairs, and more importantly, we employ appropriately qualified employees. An authorized workshop also offers regular inspections. Our goal is to guarantee the best possible availability of our services in Cracow, but also outside it. We provide mobile services for the entire area of ​​southern Poland - both in small towns and large cities. Of course, we invite customers from all over the Europe to our headquarters.