Why the regeneration of hybrid batteries?

Regeneration of hybrid batteries is our specialty!

We are well aware of how much fun it is to drive a hybrid car.

Owning such a vehicle combined with the awareness of concern for the environment allows you to feel special and comfortable.

Don't let a battery failure spoil it. Hybrid Hero is a modern company whose goal is

to provide owners of hybrid cars with professional assistance at an affordable price.

The regeneration of hybrid batteries is just one of our services

We provide comprehensive services related to professional service of traction batteries and the repair of other faults in hybrid cars. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment to provide services at the highest level. We treat each client individually, advising the best solution in a given situation.

If you're experiencing problems with the battery, your dashboard says "Check Hybrid System" or you lose power while driving, you should immediately contact Hybrid Hero.

We sincerely advise you not to drive for a long time with an error message or to delete it without carefully analyzing the cause. This can cause irreparable damage to the battery or other components of the HV system.

Using a hybrid car should be comfortable, satisfying and fully efficient. Our company will help you take care of it!

Our clients are the most important to us, therefore we try to approach each case individually and professionally. Our top-quality tools and programs allow us to operate comprehensively and safely with your car. We value reliability and completeness in carrying out orders, but most of all, customer satisfaction is important to us. 

We try to be up to date with the latest news from the world of hybrid cars and train our employees according to the current standards so that no problem is a challenge for them. Knowledge and experience are the pillars of the results of our company, which is one of the leaders on the map of Krakow. 

If you have any problem with your hybrid car, don't wait until it's too late. Please contact us or visit our showroom in person. Hybrid Hero will take care of all current, past and future customers, and appropriate regeneration, so that the batteries are always at 100%.